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Kadwa Patida case Study
50-100 Managerial Executives
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Their requirment

Shree Kadwa Patidar Samaj was formed in 1975 in UK by its members who are originally from Saurashtra region of Gujarat in India. We believed that the unity of our members would give us strength to promote and preserve our cultural identity. We believe very strongly in education and family values and our youth are among the most educated professionals and independent entrepreneurs in UK.

Members have worked hard to collect funds to build a Kadwa Patidar Centre where they could meet and have cultural activities which we achieved in 1993. Diwali Function, Navratri festival, Cultural Shows, Drama and Religious Festival, Sports Day are some of the functions that are organised every year by our community. We are a charitable organisation and have helped where ever we can, to promote cultural awareness to our community and world wide disasters and the needy.

Our solution

DC Solar Oversaw and co-ordinated this Commercial project from start to finish, supplied all the equipment and products and rendered it to produce 67 Kwts overall

• No disruption to thier day to day running of the Centre or any events that they had on during the Installation Process
• Saving Energy and Money in the short & long term
• Allowing the centre to comply to a 'Saving the planet' Ethos and objective
• Overall 268 Panels Installed
• Giving FULL training to staff in use and benefits

Installation & Maintenance images